If you are an organization producing digital e-learning content which you want to store, retieve, adapt and reuse, DOOR can make a difference for you.

DOOR Digital Open Object Repository is an Open Source piece of software for creating learning objects repositories.

With DOOR you can store digital content in the form of learning objects (LO), i.e., content + metadata, in a tree-shape catalog. You can then search for LOs, retrieve them and include them in your courses or instructional units.

DOOR is compliant with international metadata standards, and implements the IMS Metadata 1.2.1 and Content Package 1.1.3 specifications.

DOOR is also fully integrated with Moodle, and Open Source LMS. The DOOR-Moodle plug-in allows Moodle teachers to browse more repositories seamlessly from a single Moodle course, and then select and import LOs with their metadata.


Want to see a demo and play around a while? Go to http://door.elearninglab.org/demo and log in as editor (psw: dooreditor) or guest (pws: doorguest).



DOOR is released under GPL licence.

This means you can donwload it, install it, upgrade it and use it without requesting permission and free of charge. Also, you can get the full source code, and you can modify it according to your needs, but you must provide credit to the original authors and clearly indicate what are your modifications.

DOOR started by the initiative of the eLab in Lugano, Switerland, and was supported by a grant for software development from SWITCH. Now it lives thanks to the free activity of its users. If you are using DOOR and haev programming skills, consider contacting the main developers and proposing refinements, new features, or innovations. Also, the main deveopers have a development plan - if you have time to invest but no particualr need, ask them how you can best contribute to the Download &